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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9 released for download!

Publicado em AX2012, Instalação e Configuração, KB's e Releases, 16/06/2015, por Edvandro Santos



Microsoft has released CU9 for AX 2012 R3 (Build Number 6.3.2000.326).

With several changes in WMS and others in Retail, HR and Transportation, we have some fixes and new releases for:

  • SPED ECD: The version 3.0 is now available;
  • SPED Fiscal version 1.08: Layout version 009 available with H010 record.

Country-specific updates that are included in cumulative update 9

KB number Title Applicable country or region
3014456 (BRA) Sped Fiscal – Layout 009 version 1.08 – AX2012 R3 Brazil
3016972 Brazil/BRA: SVC contingency system that substitutes the SCAN contingency for NF-e Brazil
3024617 Brazil/BRA: Alternate ledger account for sales cancel and return operations Brazil
3061484 Brazil/BRA: SPED ECD – New layout (3.0) is available for fiscal year 2014 Brazil

Application hotfixes that are included in cumulative update 9

KB number Title Area
3038308 Brazil/BRA: Validation errors when creating a return order for a previously posted transfer order (together with an item that is configured with a “Product dimension group”) Brazil
3044484 Brazil/BRA: Invoice status is “Canceled” but the RPS tax status is “ISS payable” after executing the “Cancel fiscal document” process for a service invoice Brazil
3021998 Brazil/BRA: Performance issue when processing the return files from electronic payments by using a query Brazil
3058303 Brazil/BRA: The “Withholding tax text for issue fiscal document” is not printed on the RPS report for a sales order that is generated from the Project module Brazil
3034643 Brazil/BRA: “CNPJ/CPF already used for the vendor” error when editing the CNPJ/CPF field after clearing the field Brazil
3016294 Brazil/BRA: “Transaction has already been posted” error when trying to cancel an “On–account transaction” invoice that is generated from the Project module Brazil
3034547 Brazil/BRA: The Analytical Ledger report is advanced to the next book number when it reaches 251 pages Brazil
3043989 Brazil/BRA: Unexpectedly can delete a fiscal document record in the “NF-e email status” form Brazil
3020447 Brazil/BRA: Subproject transactions cannot be executed during the invoice cancellation process Brazil
3014978 Brazil/BRA: A sales quotation incorrectly creates an inventory transaction when using an operation type together with the “Create inventory movements” is unmarked Brazil
3018913 Brazil/BRA: “SPED Fiscal” obligation creates 2 lines for the C190 record Brazil
3057727 Brazil/BRA: “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” error when trying to discard a previously posted NF-e invoice (“Cancel fiscal document” feature) to SEFAZ-BA Brazil
3014297 Brazil/BRA: “Field Vendor account must be filled in” error when modifying the default withholding tax amount in the Payment journal form Brazil
3048841 Brazil/BRA: “Specify the fiscal document type” error when trying to reverse an interest note Brazil
3062238 Brazil/BRA: The “ISS tax assessment book model 51” report shows incorrect amount for service invoices with “Canceled” status Brazil
3058428 It is not possible to find the node /x:retEnvEvento/x:retEvento/x:infEvento/x:cStat in the message error when trying to create a new “Cancel fiscal document” for a previously posted purchase order (Direct Import NF-e) Brazil

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